Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

It Seems Feasible To Use a Skirting Board

Skirting boards have been doing the rounds for several years. In the USA, skirting boards are called baseboards, and they serve many purposes. These boards help define the interiors of your house and also shield the walls from regular wear and tear. When the matter comes to covering pipes, people use several methods. The copper and, at times, plastic pipework that transports water around a central heating system seems to be hugely important in keeping the home warm. But at times, copper pipework does not look very good.

In this situation, painting the pipework becomes a time-consuming process, and the outcomes do not seem pleasing to the eyes. And drilling channels, too, turn out to be a costly affair; hence, people use a skirting board to cover pipes. Skirting boards work as a substitute for a bigger box, and people can utilize a specially-adapted skirting board for covering their radiator pipework.

Some components of skirting boards

Skirting boards have the components mentioned below:

  • Profile – This is considered the decorative molding that remains present on the baseboard’s front. Profile differs in style, and you will find it in simple designs as well as ornate styles.
  • Baseboard – Baseboard is the chief element of skirting boards, and it is a flat and long piece that remains linked to the wall. This component is created from different materials like PVC, MDF, wood, and metal.
  • Top edge – This is acknowledged as the edge that remains flush against the wall. The top edge can be angled, curved, or flat based on the skirting board’s style.
  • Bottom edge – This edge is the edge that remains flush against the floor, and similar to the top edge, the bottom edge too can be angled, curved, or flat.
  • Adhesive – This component is utilized for the baseboard and backing board to the wall.
  • Backing board – It is a special piece of wood that remains connected to the wall, and it proposes extra support to the skirting board.
  • Fixing – Some fixings like screws or nails help in securing the backing board to the baseboard and the wall.

Why do you need skirting boards?

Skirting boards are important for various reasons:

  • These boards make rooms appealing – At times, the wall can’t meet the floor due to a little gap. Though it seems to be unsightly, you can use a skirting board to cover this up. This will give a high-quality finished appearance. You can take your pick from various designs of skirting boards, and most of the time, they are used as decorative pieces in the interiors of a household.
  • Skirting boards shield the walls from scrapes and scuffs – If you don’t use skirting boards, the walls will turn into rubble in a little time. Skirting boards seem to be important as they take the impact of the damage.

Go Readymade

The use of a skirting board to cover pipes seems to be an inexpensive method, and people can achieve this consistency without any hassle. Due to this, they prefer to use many readymade recessed skirting boards.