Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

HDB Renovation Mistakes You Should Avoid

If you have undergone at least one HDB renovation, you will concur that the Singapore home renovation process is arduous and can deplete your energy. HDB renovations can also be one of the most nerve-wracking renovation projects due to the regulations that must be followed and the space and design restrictions.

Without the assistance of a professional interior design company in Singapore, it will be laborious to manage your budget, consider your personal style, and create a design that complements your lifestyle. 

Even with the assistance of an interior designer, HDB renovations can be a challenging endeavour if not properly planned. Therefore, we have compiled a list of renovation errors to avoid if you don’t want your money to go down the drain. 

Choosing aesthetics over performance.

Numerous householders place such an emphasis on the aesthetics of their homes that they frequently neglect the functionality of certain items. Your residence should enhance your standard of living and be a comfortable place to reside, not impede and frustrate your every movement.

What’s the sense of having a beautiful kitchen faucet or chest of drawers if it’s not functional and durable enough to serve any purpose? You would be better off without them in your residence if they serve no purpose.

Always compare available options and strike a balance between form and function. Choose quality over appearance.

Lack of adequate space planning.

Before design conceptualisation, interior designers will present homeowners with a space planning proposition outlining the house’s configuration. During this process, it is your responsibility as a householder to consider your lifestyle preferences and storage requirements and modify the layout accordingly. 

Everything, from the placement of storage cabinets to the placement of electrical outlets, should be meticulously planned for your convenience after renovation. In addition to planning the placement of each piece of furniture, you should also consider intangible factors such as ventilation and natural light. 

Good spatial planning, particularly in HDB renovations where space is limited, will allow you to accomplish attractive interiors without cluttering your home by maximising every inch of space.

When planning your kitchen renovation, remember to accommodate for space for your appliances, such as your built-in oven, dishwasher, and refrigerator. All of your kitchen renovation efforts will be pointless if the new appliances do not suit the available space. 

Not requesting multiple quotes.

While it may be thrilling to begin your home renovations, you should not choose the first interior design firm whose portfolio matches your aesthetic preferences. 

Without obtaining multiple quotations from various interior designers, you won’t know the average market rate and may pay more than necessary.

Check for any certifications or awards, read customer testimonials, and even meet with the interior designers to better comprehend their methods of operation. 

Make sure you work with an HDB-approved renovation contractor for HDB renovations. They are trained to manage HDB renovation projects without jeopardising structural integrity or compromising safety. 

Utilising improper materials.

The marble material that you selected for your television console may not be ideal for your bathroom vanity. Various materials have various properties, and the materials you select for one portion of your residence may not be appropriate for another. 

Marble is a porous stone that can be harmed by excessive moisture; installing it in high-moisture environments will only reduce its durability. Instead, choose impermeable materials such as sintered stone or homogeneous tiles in the lavatory.

Always conduct thorough research before selecting materials, so you don’t end up with a kitchen full of materials that cannot withstand heat and scars or a bathroom full of materials that cannot withstand moisture.