Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Selecting A Wall Shade for Blue Wall Paper

Blue wallpapers can transform any room completely into a luxe space or serene from shades starting from Deep, Dramatic naive to bright pastels. The magic of this palette is the versatility they provide when the colour matches the remaining of your space with accessories, furniture, or murals. 

Getting the right wallpaper is a single aspect to achieve the perfectly beautiful space you can imagine. You cannot paint the walls blue as it is definitely not something that people would like to see in their homes. If you want to have something subtle, then you can choose light grey or off white instead. 

Here are certain tips to match the wall color with the wallpaper that is blue:

Avoid using similar shades:

For example, navy blue will get washed out very fast when it is paired with azure blue or navy blue as they are two similar tones. Stay focused on one shade in your wallpaper and use colors that compliment blue wallpaper well. Choose a color that accentuates and boosts it. 

Don’t overuse the blue:

As blue is a versatile color, try and use it in a single room. For example, you can use different shades to make the rooms at home stay separate from one another. 

Add some tint of white:

Ceilings and skirtings styled in a fresh hue of white will make the shade of blue stand out in the room. A faded or yellow ceiling can make the intensity of the blue shade go away and make the room look incomplete. Make sure that you paint the skirting and ceiling boards before the wallpaper is stuck to avoid wobbly lines or splashes of paint. 

Make it simple:

Select one or two highlights or accent colors of your choice and continue with them. Choose a bright metallic or neutral color, which is completely opposite to the calm vibe given by the blue shade. 

For simplicity select monochrome:

It can be a little overwhelming to choose a specific accent color and the best thing you can do here is to get the accessories in the black and white shade. The best here is that you could add on colors as you find them, and will not need to stick to the a coral sofa in your living space. 

To enhance the blue wallpaper, you can always add some pop of white and black.

Here is a list of colors that you can experiment with if you too have blue wallpaper in your space:

  • Hot pink: this is the proof that opposites attract, it is an absolute color pallet’s goal to have the shade of neon pink and dark blue come together. 
  • Off-white and cream: You will never go wrong with selecting a classy white shade and blue. You can even opt for cream instead of cool and calm white and even use blond finish wood in the interior. 
  • Rainbow: the thing you should understand here is blue is a universal color, it can be paired with anything. 
  • Purple: deep mauve purple and eggplant purple gets an elegant and romantic look along with the earth toned neutrals and fixtures in metallic are cherry on top. 
  • Forest green: when you don’t want to give power to a shade of blue and want to pass the power to another color, limit it to the work of art, accent pieces, and lighting. 
  • Yellow and brown: blue blends well with chocolate brown and yellow. It is a pop of positive colors in and around.

Use creative ways and make your dream home come to a reality. Now that you have an idea on how to choose shades for the blue wall paper, you can work on it and make your place look absolutely stunning!