Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Real Estate Market in Destin, Florida.


Destin is the prime location for real estate. The place sits on the Gulf of Mexico and is abode to the beautiful sugar-white sandy beaches and green water like an emerald. The village is touted as the worlds luckiest fishing village because this beach town has no scarcity of fish. Besides fishing, there are other fun activities too which are present in the place.

It is famous for the delicious and mouth-watering seafood and beautiful views of the gulf. There is a battery of activities that Destin has to offer like dolphin cruising, parasailing, theme parks, aquariums, and many more things. This makes the place a perfect location for tourists and travellers and the preferred vacation spot. 

The year 2021 began with a bang for the real estate market of Destin. Extremes like never before have been witnessed by experts. While there was some hesitancy in the buyers in the year 2020, this year the mood has changed and buyers are looking to purchase the property. On average. homes and condos in Destin Florida are taking just 69 days to sell off.

This time is significantly less than the time taken in 2020. 

There is also an increase in the prices by an average of 42%. The overall sales are up by a whopping 100%. The number of listings has gone up by 40% the total number of active properties are down by 21%. This means that even though the buyers are ready to buy, sellers are still sitting on the fence. 

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The amazing success of the real estate market in Destin

Since the real estate market is on fire, there are many things that the buyers must take into consideration to be able to get the best deal for their property. Since almost each of the properties available for sale has received multiple offers, it has become difficult for the buyers in such a seller’s active market to get the best deal.

Let’s look at some factors which may help buyers to get the right price:

1 Research well– oftentimes, we hear people say that someone got lucky to get a great deal on a house. Well, if you look closely, you would realise that a lot of research work goes into finding that great deal and getting lucky. Timing, expertise, experience etc play a major role in finding such deals. 

Whenever a good property comes into the market for sale, there is no time to start with the research. This is the time to immediately act on the opportunity. This is because there are already plenty of buyers who have traced the property and are ready to get their hands on it. You must understand the price trends of the markets. 

2 Search for new listings– you must start by looking at the right places. There is a large number of listings that go unnoticed and it is very crucial that you are at the right place at the right time to take up the lead. You must stay diligent and always be hawking for new opportunities. 

There are a few factors that will help you in getting the best deal in the market. The first is the price reduced listing. Since the number of homes, condos etc in Destin is shrinking every day, you will be able to see only those houses in this list that have been reduced recently in Destin and the area near the emerald coast. 

The second step is to check the coming soon list. You should always be ready for those properties which haven’t hit the market yet. This list includes those properties which are soon to come in the market but aren’t there already. This list will give you an edge over other buyers by giving you a sneak peek of the properties. 

You can save a lot of your time by checking the listings from the past week. Taking on the pre-construction or newly constructed buildings is like an investment. The prices of such properties are at their lowest in the building phase and this is especially true in the case of condominiums that sell out quickly. 

3 Enlist the pros – it is very important to enlist the services of a professional agent who deals with real estate especially in this market climate. An agent who has experience is like a best friend to you. There is a battery of ways in which the agent can assist you. He gives you the critical advice that you need while buying real estate. 

Such pieces of advice can work wonders for you in the longer run. The timing also plays a major role. The expert can give you a timely notification as to when the right property is on sale. They have all this information because of the circle they are in. they are in constant contact with all the agents. Such knowledge is very beneficial for the buyers. 

The agent will also give you a very realistic price idea which can help you in analysing the property. This may also help you in preparing for the purchase in the right manner. The agent also helps you by negotiating bids for you. 


The market of Destin is like a beehive. It is attracting a lot of buyers. You should act strategically if you want to get your hands on the right property.