Sun. May 26th, 2024

Five cheapest places to purchase property in Bristol

5. Warmley

In the south of Gloucestershire, England you will find the village of Warmley. Other villages in the region are places such as Bath and Bristol. There are some memorable landmarks among which is the World War One memorial which is frequently the venue of Remembrance Services. In the village there is also a statue of Neptune. There are several places which are conveniently accessible such as a barber’s shop, post office as well as a Tesco all of which is in the High Street. There used to be a bicycle shop but it has been converted to flats. Properties in this village will cost £100,000 for a quick property sale.

4. Almondsbury

Along the M5 in the region of junction 16 you will find the large village of Almondsbury. In this area is several other villages such as Berwick, Hallen, Compton Greenfield, Easter Compton, Over, Gaunt’s Earthcott and Hortham. This is the region in the southern parts of Gloucestershire and the area stretches from Bristol, to Hallen, to Gaunt’s Earthcott and the M5 motorway. A wide variety of properties is available with the more affordable properties costing around £98,000.

3. Bedminster

In the district of Bristol is where Bedminster is on the southern side of the city. Bedminster also includes several other areas such as the central part of the district and it is also the name of a council ward. Windmill Hill is lying in the eastern part of Bedminster. Then there is also Bedminster Down which is a high ground area on the southern side of Bedminster. There is also Southville which is considered to be a part of Bedminster and which appears on the neighbourhood profiles of the Bristol City Council. Property cash buyers can expect to pay as much as £90,000 for properties in Bedminster.

2. Staple Hill

One of the other suburbs of Bristol is known as Staple Hill and it is very close to the city boundary in South Gloucestershire. It is also not far from places such as Soundwell, Mangotsfield, Downend and Fishponds. The name is coming from an Old English Anglo-Saxon word which might have been either staypole or stapol which refers to a kind of post particularly something like an old boundary marker. Nevertheless, it is only in the 19th century that the settlement of Staple Hill started to develop. It was always part of the ancient parish of Mangotsfield and in fact in the distant past Staple Hill was located within the ancient forest of Kingswood. Properties are available for around £88,000.

1. Patchway

There is a suburban town located in South Gloucestershire which is known as Patchway. It is only approximately 10 km from the CBD area of Bristol. Patchway developed because of the over population of Bristol and now it is often viewed as a large outer suburb. There are several other towns in the region such as Bradley Stoke and Filton. It was only in 1953 that Patchway was established when the town was separated from nearby Almondsbury. Some of the largest employers in the region is Rolls-Royce which continues to be a substantial employer within the aerospace industry. There are also other corporations such as Airbus UK and BAE Systems. Nevertheless, according to property gurus Quick Property Buyer it might be possible to purchase properties for around £40,000.