Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

How to Design Kitchens to Create the Right Balance?

Kitchens are an essential part of a household. And today, they do not just serve the purpose of cooking food, they are much beyond that. That is why they are designed to serve multiple purposes. Right from their capacity to outlook, everything is keenly planned to make it a suitable spot.  

This is where cabinets make up a considerable space within the kitchen and are pretty much highlighted. Hence, when you design your kitchen, it should have the right balance for every component used, irrespective of its size, place and purpose. 

Here we are discussing some tips that can help you maintain the right balance while designing the kitchen.

Balance the elements

While designing a kitchen, you need to properly determine its usage beforehand. This will help you decide the requirements; the number, design and pattern of shelves or cabinets that your kitchen needs. Upper cabinets should be used to store lighter items like dinner sets, glassware and other items while the lower cabinets should be used for storing heavier items like utensils, pots, pans and others.

Minimal design

Your kitchen space should always look spacious and be airy for proper ventilation. Make sure it is minimally stuffed. Using just the required number of upper cabinets can make a small kitchen space look big. You can also display some wall art or paintings if the number of upper cabinets are minimum. Open shelves are a great idea to minimize space requirements.

Focus on the drawers

Drawers within the lower cabinets can be an excellent alternative for upper cabinets. Besides giving more accessibility, drawers also look more aesthetic and offer better storage. Also, you get a better view of everything you have in the drawer, unlike in the case of an upper cabinet. You can easily store heavier items in your drawer for easy access.

Balance the cabinet designs

If you at all opt for building upper and lower cabinets, ensure that they are similarly colored. Out-of-the-box cabinet colors can make your kitchen look asymmetrical and a borderline mess. The shades of these cabinets play a huge role in setting the lighting within the kitchen and how it looks overall. At all costs, avoid contrast.

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