Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Why should you choose granite or quartz stone for your bathroom counter?

Granite or quartz counters are not a new thing in real estate world. Most designers often recommend switching to comptoir quartz Granite au Sommet for a number of reasons and advantages. Their incredible list of features will leave you awestruck and let you wonder why it took you so long to realize these. Now that you are here looking for more information related to granite or quartz counters for your bathroom, read this short guide till the end to learn its value and importance.

Both the stones have distinct features but, they come with similar advantages giving you more options in bathroom counters. It totally depends on you and your budget what option you would like to choose for your rooms.

Reasons you should select granite or quartz for your bathroom counter:


Both the stones are highly durable to last long; however, quartz stays slightly longer than granite. Both stones can easily withstand heat and other physical activities in kitchen as well as bathroom. Quartz has a non-porous material which is missing in granite. Thus, the cleaning and maintenance part is a win-win for people choosing quartz.


One major reason why quartz is highly preferred for bathroom than kitchen is because unlike granite, quartz cannot withstand heat. Thus, granite is highly preferred in the kitchen whereas homeowners stick to quartz for their bathroom counters. It entirely depends on how you wish to balance the interiors of your kitchen and bathroom.


Coming to the cost of these stones as an investment, granite may be slightly expensive than quartz. However, for those than can afford it, granite gives them similar looks of marble making it affordable choice in comparison with marble counters. On the other side, quartz makes an eco-friendly choice leaving less impact on the environment.


We all can guess that granite offers you unique and classy looks as these are the best alternative to marble. Being a high-end material it brings class and luxury to your bathroom as well as kitchen space. Quartz on the other side is a human-made material leaving you with more options in colors, designs, and patterns.

Although, the choice entirely depends on you, we suggest you take a look at the options available with comptoir quartz Granite au Sommet. Discuss any queries or doubts related to these materials with the supplier or your designer before you select them.