Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

What You Must Do After a Construction Fall Accident in Albany?

We all know that construction work is a dangerous profession. If you look at the year-on-year data, you will understand that some thousands of construction workers are being hospitalized every year due to injuries. These injuries can be deadly sometimes, while some are minor cuts. These injuries can occur at the construction site due to the usage of dangerous equipment and high-risk materials. 

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Even though the construction sites are quite dangerous, there are a number of instances in which negligence or a failure to follow safety practices puts the workers at the construction site in danger. Mentioned below are some of the most common workplace fall-related cases.

  • Grassy Surfaces
  • Collapsed Scaffolding
  • Unstable Pathways
  • Missing Guardrails

What to do post a construction fall accident, Albany?

The first thing which you must do is report the accident. But unfortunately, most people ignore doing this. Workers who are not legal residents, don’t report an accident out of fear of losing their jobs. But this is completely wrong. It is extremely important to report an accident to your supervisor, foreman, or others who are in charge. 

Doing this will not only help in documenting the incident, but also help in preventing such situations from going further. If the accident has happened due to the negligence of the company, they will take the necessary steps to avoid such situations in the future. If you are injured on a construction job, you must seek medical care immediately. 

Make a call to 911 for immediate help. If you are not in a position to do it, take the help of your co-workers. Taking the treatment at the right time is important for most construction accidents. In simple words, time plays a very important role when it comes to effective diagnosis and treatment. It is also important to document the accident by taking some photos at the accident spot. 

Most employers provide you with workers’ compensation insurance coverage. Check about it with your employer to claim the amount for your treatment. Hire a lawyer as he or she will guide at every step when it comes to claiming compensation.