Sun. May 26th, 2024

What are fire rated wooden doors?

  1. Fire-rated wooden doors are specially manufactured keeping in view the safety precautions in case of emergencies. Imagine, when the fire has erupted somewhere and it may spread to other rooms via doors. Therefore, fire rated doors are required to install for such scenarios that also provide sensational sort of decoration along with safety as well. As construction has become overly smart and state to the art facilities are available for the decoration of walls, there are many ways that can make them beautiful.

Manufacturing Process of Fire-rated wooden Doors

There are various reliable manufacturers of fire-rated wooden doors. Most of them use high-quality original wood Oak, Timber and other types of wood as well to make sure that these doors will have a long life. They use specially coated wood for the manufacturing of fire-rated doors and they have heat resilient layers that are further checked in the laborites. They get stamped after the successful completion of tests.

Features of Fire Rated Wooden Doors

The following are the main features of these doors that make them an interesting choice for the places where safety measures must be taken.

  • Most Traditional Look

Wood is always considered as the most traditional raw material for the interior decoration of the premises. Doors are the source of enhancing the visual appearance of the rooms. Now wooden doors are also manufactured with fire-resisting features along with maintaining the overall appearance up to the mark. You can select from a wide variety of colors and incredible designs according to your preferences and choice.


  • Different fire bearing qualities

If you are planning to install fire rated wooden doors, first of all how fast you escape from the emergencies. Normally there are two types of doors are available everywhere that can be purchased from the ready stock or you can also customize them as per your choice. These two types are;


  • 20 minutes fire bearing doors

These doors are normally installed at the homes where family members can easily get out of emergency situations. Therefore, these doors can bear the heat for up to 20 minutes.


  • 90 minutes fire bearing doors

These doors have great demand in shopping malls and other public places where huge customer traffic makes it difficult to escape quickly. So, 90 minutes of fire bearing wooden doors are the best choice for such types of places.