Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Ways to Keep Your Air Quality Sufficient

Being able to breathe in and out with ease should not be a luxury, but for some people, it could be. Whether it be due to health issues or their location, a breath of fresh air can sometimes be a struggle. That is why there are many systems out there to produce better airflow within the comforts of your own home.

The following are just some of the many ways you can make breathing simpler for you and your loved ones. With the right care and mindset, even the most immunocompromised people in your life won’t be struggling. StoneBridge Heating & Air Conditioning will be proud to help you accomplish anything from a dehumidifier installation to air duct cleaning and repairs in Tyler, TX.

Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

In Texas, you can expect to suffer some pretty humid days, even when the weather cools down. Being closer to the tropical part of the world and with its location near water, Texas is one of the more humid states in the United States. This is where both humidifiers and dehumidifiers can be handy.

Humidifiers and dehumidifiers are devices that control the humidity in space to promote good air quality. Humidifiers absorb water from the air and return it to the room as mist or steam, whereas dehumidifiers extract excessive moisture from the air and release it outside. This aids in the maintenance of a reasonable level of humidity inside, which can minimize dust, and germs in the air and ameliorate different respiratory ailments such as allergies or colds.

Air Purifiers

Another system you could consider implementing is an air purifier. These appliances can take out pollutants that might be lingering in the air. While dehumidifiers take care of the moisture in the air, an air purifier will eradicate the pesty mold, smoke, and pollen that can come through every time your front door opens.

Not just that, but air purifiers have even been proven to combat viruses. This is accomplished by trapping microscopic virus particles with specialized high-efficiency particulate (HEPA) filters, which function as a fine-mesh net for capturing contaminants throughout the cleaning process. When it comes to illness prevention, no household device can replace proper sanitizing practices or medical advice. However, when combined with other safety measures in your home environment, an air purifier can help you breathe easier while providing some extra protection against airborne viruses in certain situations.

Air Duct Cleanings

Your air ducts run throughout your home’s HVAC system. Usually used whenever you are heating and cooling your home, your ducts are equipped with filters that suck in airborne dirt and debris, much like an air purifier. However, the buildup can amass over time, and if not cared for, it can cause your whole system to overwork itself and even break down.

This is why it is vital that you stay cautious of how often your ducts and filters get replaced and cleaned. Professionals at StoneBridge Heating & Air Conditioning recommend that filters are replaced every two to six months to avoid this, as well as to deter mold from growing.

As for your duct cleanings, they can be called in to help with this, as it can sometimes be difficult to complete on your own. With specialized tools and years of knowledge, their experts can get your HVAC system looking good as new in no time.

Why Air Quality Matters

As mentioned before, breathing should not be a luxury. There can be many factors that cause a hindrance in how well this simple activity works for you. It does not matter what factor is to blame. You can still take the initiative in dealing with it. By having proper airflow, you are much less likely to get sick, and it can even make your home appear much cleaner.

StoneBridge Heating & Air Conditioning wouldn’t want their families suffering from any airborne woes, and they don’t want you to either. Customers in Tyler, Lindale, Van, Whitehouse, and Overton, TX, have breathed happily with their assistance for over two decades.

Take the first step into a more breathable home today. Call StoneBridge Heating & Air Conditioning for the purest air services in Texas!