Sun. May 26th, 2024

Types of Mosaics for Your Bathroom 

Mosaic tiles have been around for quite some time. However, technology has developed over the years, so you will find new samples in the market. 

Mosaic is mostly used in the bathroom space. It allows the homeowner to create a diverse style. 

Are your bathroom renovations getting started? Don’t lose sight – bathroom mosaic is the right choice. 

Small mosaic tiles add a burst of colors in the bathrooms, but there is a lot of variety out there. 

Mosaic tiles are used to emphasize a specific part of the bathroom or the entire space. They’re used for edging for framing. 

Before we tell you about the types of mosaics, check out the advantages and disadvantages of installing these small tiles. Dive right in! 

The Advantages of Mosaic 

Mosaic tiles are getting popular. Most homeowners want to cover the walls with mosaic because it has many advantages. 

  1. The small size of the mosaic tiles makes it possible to go for bold designs. 
  2. Unleash the creative beast in you. Mosaic can be used in many ways. 
  3. Mosaic is used for interiors of kitchen, bathrooms, pool, bath, and fireplaces. 
  4. Mosaic is resistant to liquids and moisture which makes it perfect for bathrooms. 
  5. Won’t lose its property or structure even if chemicals are used. 
  6. It’s quite durable. 
  7. Specialized care isn’t needed. 
  8. You can lay out amazing and complex compositions and drawings. 
  9. It won’t lose color. 

These were the pros of mosaic. Basically, there are too many advantages of installing mosaic.  This was just a glimpse of what it offers you! 

Disadvantages of Mosaic 

  1. The cost maybe a little high. 
  2. There may be a little bit of complexity. 

Disadvantages aren’t too many and that’s why most people prefer mosaic. 

Now let’s find out the types of mosaics you could choose from. 

Types of Mosaics 

Traditionally, mosaics were created of natural stones, ceramics, smalt, metal, and porcelain stone. The most loved ones are made of ceramics and glass. You might want to check out Ceramique au Sommet collection as they have a great range of mosaics. 

Before you get busy picking mosaic for your bathroom or kitchen, find out the types right here. 

  1. Glass Mosaic – These are used in the bathroom interiors. It’s one of the oldest materials out there. This one is quite expensive, so it is uncommon to find a glass mosaic. However, a glass mosaic is known for its incredible strength. 
  2. Ceramic Mosaic – Most people choose ceramic mosaic and it is accessible too. The surface could be smooth or rough and may have abrasions too. It doesn’t need specialized care and is resistant to most cleaning substances. Also known for its resistance to water and temperature changes, ceramic mosaic is the best option for bathrooms. 
  3. Smalt mosaic – It’s made by pressing dyes and multi-colored glass. It comes in all kinds of exotic colors like blue, gold, turquoise, yellow, grey, black, and white. Smalt mosaic is beautiful and it tolerates temperature changes and high humidity too. 
  4. Natural stone mosaic – This one’s a budgeted option. It is strong, durable, and is quite resistant to household chemicals and temperature changes. 

Concluding Thoughts 

Ceramique au Sommet has some of the finest mosaic varieties. Don’t miss out! You must check out the options and get the best mosaic for your bathroom and kitchen. 

It gives you a lot of liberty to get creative and go for bold designs.