Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

Remodeling Your Home for Older Loved Ones

Growing older is a natural part of life that we must all embrace at some point. While it does not entirely alter us, it may restrict our freedom. This may force the hunt for new housing arrangements for many people. Many older people are moving in with their adult children to avoid entering a nursing home or other assisted living establishment.

This could be both a benefit and a burden for some. While you may like having your parents close by, you may be worried that your home must be properly equipped to assist them. There are, however, a number of devices available that may make life easier for everyone in the family, regardless of age or ability.

Staircase Chair Lifts

Because joints and bones degrade with age, they might create issues. Simple tasks like going from one floor to another on the stairs may become painful. Worse, an aged person is prone to falling if they are not cautious. If you have young kids, their toys may impede passageways, increasing the likelihood of this happening.

Given the individual’s handicap or level of need, a chair lift may be advantageous. This seat, which is linked to the railing, enables people to stroll up and down numerous stories of the home by just pushing a button or remote that leads them along a predetermined course.

Bathtubs for the Elderly

As you might expect, given the difficulty of climbing the steps, trying to step over the edge of the bathtub is as challenging. It is not only costly, but it may also be dangerous owing to the slick surface of the tub. Bathrooms are one of the most common places for older people to fall.

This issue is promptly solved with walk-in bathtubs. Depending on who uses it, you may also want to consider an anti-slip tub. Consider constructing a shower seat so that your elderly relative may sit while showering. It also provides children with something to do once they get out of the tub.

Smart Toilets

Using the bathroom is one of the most mundane yet necessary acts we conduct on a daily basis. Even though we seldom consider it, some people may find it difficult to let go. Some older adults may require assistance, such as wiping or sitting on a cold toilet bowl. However, calling for help might be awkward, and they still want to be self-sufficient.

Consider a new and innovative toilet, such as Swan Toilets’ Swan S Pro, to provide them with the liberty and ease they want. Everything about this toilet bidet combo is hands-free, with only a simple remote to operate. Your senior loved ones will no longer be concerned about wiping with fragile hands because the bidet will clean them by spraying and air drying them. They won’t even have to open or close the lid since the Swan S Pro’s sensors will identify when to do so.

As an added bonus, the Swan S Pro incorporates a temperature-controlled seat warmer, which you will love. Some people may require more time to sit on the toilet than others in order to do so comfortably! What was once a difficult experience has now made them feel like monarchs.

Investigate Government Programs

Even if you can modify your home to meet the needs of your family, it may prove to be a costly investment. Certain people, thankfully, have access to assistance programs. This may allow them to use canes or wheelchairs, as well as infrastructure like rails.

While the Swan S Pro does not fall into this group, financing is less expensive than you may think. Swan Toilets, for example, offers a package for as little as $70 per month. They prefer that you and your family benefit from a smart toilet immediately instead of waiting months.

Living with your parents or other aging loved ones is a great way to preserve and enhance your relationship with them. Keep your residence accessible and safe at all times to show them how much you cherish them. Put a Swan S Pro toilet in a frequently used area, such as the bathroom.