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Must know legal rights of an employee for wrongful termination in San Antonio

Discrimination is the most common claim for wrongful termination in the United States. More than half of the claims registered are under the discrimination clause. If you are wrongfully terminated in San Antonio regarding discrimination or for any other reason, consult a wrongful death lawyer in San Antonio. They can evaluate your case and tell you where you stand with your case.

What are the legal rights for wrongful termination at the workplace?

– Employment terms

Though the state/county laws differ, under what circumstances is it wrongful termination.

However, wrongful termination is when Employment ends due to terms like discrimination,non-compliance to an illegal act, retaliation, and firing outside the agreed terms of Employment. These are a few illegal reasons to fire an employee.

– Probation terms

Employers generally have a probation period before confirming any employee. This clause removes the chances of any legal hassles since the employer has enough time to evaluate employees’ work before formally hiring them. However, research shows that most wrongful termination happens between six to three years after hiring.

– Right to work clause

Certain states allow any or all reasons for termination or firing an employee, known as the ‘right to work state. Despite these laws, an individual should contact a state or local employment law expert to know the rules.

– Wrongful termination claims

Wrongful termination claims can lead to a lot of emotional distress, and hence it is not suitable to be ok with it. You can claim several damages under wrongful termination, and they can include but are not limited to loss of wages, trauma, bonuses, overtime, commissions, future wages, etc. 

– Employment at will

The employer needs to notify the employee and give a fair chance for deficiency improvement before terminating if the contract has this clause. However, many states follow ‘Employment at will’ law, which states that an employer can terminate the contract at any point in time without giving any reason. 

But it is a good idea to check with a legal employment firm lawyer to understand the state/ county laws for termination if the employee at any time feels it is a wrongful termination.


Being wrongfully terminated is not a good place for any employee, and it not only gives emotional distress but career complications too. Hence an employee must visit an employment law firm to understand their rights and file a claim under the state/county laws. This entity will assist you to proceed with claims and support you throughout the process.