Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

It’s All About (The) WAVE CURTAIN

Wave curtain

‘Wave’ denotes the header of the curtain. A wave header permits the wave curtain to hang in regular, uniform folds. This kind of header needs to be fitted to a special wave track, which is slim and subtle. The overall look of this curtain and track combination is simple and modern.

Why should I select wave curtains?

  • Great for adding fashionable looks to your window
  • Wave curtains can be fitted to the ceiling rather than the window frame, making your windows feel bigger and grander than they are
  • Create a narrow even load when fully open, ideal if you’ve narrow space on either side of your window
  • Choose a Voile curtain with a wave header to control the light and deliver daytime privacy
  • Available with an embargo lining to keep your room dark and convenient.

Can wave curtains diminish heat loss?

Wave curtains are an effective solution for reducing heat loss through your windows. All our wave curtains are lined as standard, but for a chilly room, a current lining made from a thick satin twill will keep you even calmer.

For even more warmness, pair thermal linings with naturally denser curtain fabric like velvet. This can reduce heat loss by up to 41% in a single-glazed window.

Can wave curtains be blackout?

Yes, you can choose a blackout lining for all our curtain materials, with the omission of our Voiles.

Our made-to-measure blackout curtains will help decrease the light entering your room and will also help to decrease heat loss, so your room will be nice and snug.

Where do wave curtains look best?

Wave curtains are preferably suited to bi-fold doors, and in modern extensions with large doors and extensive windows.

As they pull right back to the edges, they will expose the full beauty of your doors or window and frame your view beautifully.

This simple design also shows off large pattern repeats to their best improvement, so if you’ve got your eye on a statement print or a scheme, then a wave header style is for you.

Is a wave header worthy for small windows?

If you are mostly short on space or want to create a stylish look, your wave curtains can be tailored to the ceiling instead of the window frame, creating your windows feel taller and more outstanding than they are.

The shapeless style of a wave header means that your curtains fold up effortlessly when they’re fully open.  So, if you have an inadequate amount of wall space on either side of your window, wave curtains are a perfect choice.

Wave Curtain Tracks and Tracked Ends

Wave curtains can only be tailored on curtain tracks or tracked poles provided with wave gliders.  Please view our range of curtain tracks suitable for the wave heading.  Wave curtains offer a range of hand-drawn, corded, recess, and motorized wave curtain tracks. the silent gliss is also a popular choice.  All of the Silent Gliss tracks can be fixed for bay windows.