Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

IT Support in the AED industry

As industrialization continues after lockdowns amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the AED (architectural, engineering, and design) sector has become a vital part of society again. These professionals are knowledgeable in working on different building layouts and designs, allowing the public to have secured spaces for everyday activities. Their work makes a difference in the day-to-day lives of people using the area for whatever purpose.

Like other industries, AED firms have also undergone an extensive digital transformation in recent years. Modern tools have helped architects, engineers, and designers make different processes more efficient to promote productivity in the workplace. This also streamlined labor-intensive tasks within an organization, allowing employees to use their time and effort on other business-critical tasks.

However, running and maintaining sophisticated solutions are often tedious and expensive, and one wrong move can result in disastrous situations for AED firms. This can significantly disrupt projects and cause a decline in customer trust, which is crucial in the sector. This is why partnering with third-party IT services, such as the Flying Buttress architecture platform, can be a game changer for AED companies.

With a dedicated external IT support provider on the table, AED institutions can ensure that their systems will run as expected. Getting the help of third-party services is much cheaper, with some only charging the equivalent of one in-house IT support specialist salary. They can also guarantee that the systems are secured, and that no confidential information will be compromised.

Furthermore, having a top-notch IT support team can help implement effective data management. They can assist their clients in creating an environment that would promote employee productivity and better data control. They can also quickly assist the professionals if their systems fail, preventing potential harmful situations.

If you are looking for a trusted IT support firm to help you improve your AED environment, Flying Buttress is for you. We have supported various architectural, engineering, and design firms to implement the right technology to achieve their desired results. Contact us now by calling (949) 892-5075 or emailing