Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

How to Identify and Control Termites in Louisiana

Termites are a pest that can harm the construction of buildings and cost property owners a lot of time and money. They are very small insects that feed on wood fiber. 

Termites can be social insects that operate and live in large colonies. They wreak tremendous havoc by boring into wooden structures and other items to acquire food for their colony. Only a certain professional dealing with pest control Louisiana can handle it. It is better to contact Louisiana pest control, who has 70+ years of experience in this field.

Where can you find termites?

Termite swarms are the clearest indication that there are termites on your home. Winged reproductive termites leave the colony once a year, usually in the spring, in order to reproduce and establish new colonies.

Termites do not build their nests inside the pieces of wood they consume. Instead, they make daily trips from their nest to the food source or sources. Their aerial nests are often found on rooftops, especially on flat-roofed structures or in wall gaps.

How to prevent termite infestation?

You can make your structure a little less attractive to these termites by following these tactics:

  1. Use a solid base while building, and leave a space for ventilation between the dirt and the wood. If any wood surfaces are exposed then protect them by sealing with metal.
  2. After construction, maintain proper drainage (including gutter and downspout upkeep) and grading to keep the soil surrounding the foundation dry.
  3. Reduce openings that allow termites access to the building (cement, grout, or caulk the areas around where utilities flow through walls and fractures in cement foundations).
  4. Fix your leaks immediately.
  5. Keep vents and your plants free from blockage.
  6. Ensure that the plants are not cropped too close to the construction and they aren’t allowed to hold close to exposed wood surfaces.
  7. Keep wood waste and/or firewood away from the residence.
  8. Regular inspections will help to prevent the establishment of termite colonies.

Are termites dangerous?

Termites are a deadly and destructive bug that cost the country’s economy more than $5 billion in damages each year. Termites can sneak into buildings and gnaw away at them for months or even years before anybody notices.

Given the extreme toxicity of many termiticides, it is crucial to carefully read and adhere to label instructions. Professionals in pest management have the skills, knowledge, and tools specified on the label, minimizing hazards and maximizing efficacy.