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How Long Does Termite Treatment Last?

Termites do not bite or transmit diseases; they are one of the most expensive pests to deal with. Every year in the US, they cause billions of dollars in damage to houses and property. Professional help is often required to get rid of termites. There are several types of termite-eliminating methods, and some last longer than others in keeping termites out. If you have a termite infestation that is causing damage to your house, contact pest control Austin, TX.

How long does termite treatment last?

How long the termite treatment will last depends on various factors, in which the main factor is which type of treatment is performed. There are three most common treatments: wood treatment, soil treatment, and bait systems.

  • Wood treatment

This treatment involves using borate-based products on wood, making them repellent and toxic to termites. Wooden items like decks, posts, and landscape timbers can also be treated with borate to make them repellent to termites and other wood-boring insects like mold, rot, etc.

  • Soil treatment

Soil treatments are commonly used to treat termite infestations. This method includes making a barrier of soil treated with termiticides with a structure and the subterranean termite colony in the soil. 

This process involves digging a trench around the house’s exterior, and then the liquid termiticide is poured and injected into the soil. The treated soil becomes repellent to termites and kills them if they try to pass it.

  • Bait systems

This system involves using a small amount of bait to attract termites. Some of these systems are installed below the ground, while others are above the ground or sometimes inside the structure. When termites consume the bait, the IGRs (Insect Growth Regulators) or toxins are mixed in their body fluids, killing them or hindering growth and reproduction. Those termites that have toxins bait back to the colony, resulting in a steady decline of the termite population.

Factors affecting how long treatment lasts

Other factors affect the longevity of termite treatment, such as:

  1. Termite species
  2. Infestation degree
  3. Type of termiticide used
  4. Structure of the building
  5. Environmental conditions
  6. Renovation or construction

Are there chances of termites coming back after the treatment?

Sadly, yes, they can come back. Activities like planting or digging can disrupt the barrier of the treatment and can let the termites enter the gap and infest again in your home. Termite treatment is a gradual process that requires regular maintenance to keep it effective.