Sun. May 26th, 2024

Here is Why You Should Never Apologize After an Accident! 

Every time you get into an accident, you will be confused and overwhelmed with the situation. No one is prepared to get into an accident, and when the unwanted actually happens, you are likely to commit various mistakes that can cost your compensation amount. 

One such common mistake that victims make is apologizing after the accident. Even though you know the opposite driver is at fault, you may apologize out of pity and courtesy. Many victims are unaware that apologizing at the accident scene can harm your claim. 

If you have made this mistake unknowingly, it is not too late. Contact a personal injury attorney Salem to know your options and protect your claim. 

The insurance company will use it as an admission of guilt. 

The insurance company will never want to pay from their pocket. This is why they will try their best to find loopholes in your claim and reduce your compensation amount. Since they conduct their investigation after you file a claim, you are apologizing at the accident scene will be taken as an admission of guilt. Usually, there is an image of a person saying sorry when they are at fault or made a mistake. Due to this image, the insurance company will believe that you apologized because you were at fault too. 

Even if you just said, “I’m sorry this happened to you,” or a simple ‘I’m sorry’ can have a negative impact on your claim. The insurance company will take this statement and use it against you to reduce your compensation amount. 

Avoid talking about your recovery or injuries with your insurance adjuster. 

The insurance adjuster will call you to take a follow-up. You will realize that the insurance adjuster appears too concerned for your health and is working in your favor. However, this is not true. You may dwell on their good side and say things like, ‘I’m feeling fine.’ 

A single sentence can ruin your claim, and the insurance company will use it to their advantage to deduct your compensation amount. 

What if I accidentally apologized to the other driver?

You may realize soon after the accident that you have apologized to the other driver at the accident scene. Fortunately, it does not eliminate the chance of you getting financial compensation or does not give the insurance company rights to deny your claim. Speak to an attorney and be transparent about your situation. They can assist you in exploring your options and ensure you get compensation.