Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

Failed to Gather Evidence After Your Car Accident? Here Are Your Options! 

Many factors result in a car accident, but drivers being careless is one of the most common reasons for car crashes. Negligent behavior can be classified into various types, such as distracted driving, violating laws, aggressive driving, following too closely, and more. Fortunately, you can file a car accident claim against the at-fault party to get financial compensation for your injuries. 

However, when it comes to filing a car accident claim, there is an entirely legal procedure that you must go through. The insurance company will not grant compensation just because you file a claim. You will have to provide sufficient evidence to prove that the other driver was at fault for the accident. Therefore, it is essential to gather evidence immediately after the accident. 

In many cases, victims may fail to collect evidence, so does this mean you will not be able to get compensation? 

If you have failed to gather evidence after your accident, a Glenwood Springs car accident lawyer can be of significant help. 

What are my options to collect evidence after the accident?

Following your accident, make sure you speak to your lawyer. To start with, you can collect medical records from your healthcare professional. You can demand a copy of all your records, including your diagnosis and reports, prescriptions, etc. A copy of all the bills will serve as evidence to support your claim. 

Next, you may need pictures and videos from the accident scene. If you have failed to gather pictures and videos following your accident, your lawyer can work with you to see if you can get CCTV footage from nearby shops that might have captured the accident. Similarly, an accident reconstruction expert may be needed to know how the accident happened and who was at fault for the accident. 

Your lawyer can work with the experts and provide their statements to support your claim. Remember, the more evidence you have, the better it will be to prove the other driver’s liability. However, it is worth knowing that just because you have all the evidence against the defendant, it does not mean you will get compensation right away. Despite solid proof, the insurance company will investigate who is at fault for the accident. 

In such a situation, working along with your lawyer will help you gather evidence, file a claim, and ensure you get maximum compensation for your injuries and damages.