Sun. May 26th, 2024

Designs for bed and wardrobe

A bedroom is that space in your house where you relax your mind, rejuvenate your body, and get fully refreshed. However, this is not all that defines this special space; it is certainly more where you spend valuable hours in sleep. Your bedroom is significantly different from the rest of your home as in it allows allows you to be creative. You have the freedom to decorate it according to your taste and choose the wardrobe and bed design that pleases you.

Platform Bed

A platform bed gives a traditional and simple look to your bedroom.  Lower beds are mostly made using reliable and natural materials, which stylishly enhance the bedroom look. Because of its low height, a platform bed is the perfect choice to make your bedroom appear to be more spacious. You can choose from a wide variety of interesting platform bed designs available in the market, from models that are basic to those without a headboard, to more classy classy designs for giving a contemporary look. runwal rare juhu

In addition to furniture items, you can use bedroom wall murals to beautify the place. It is easy to apply them on the walls, and you can do it yourself without any professional help. The wall murals for bedrooms are available for purchase online, and you will surely find the deigns that perfectly match the theme of your bedrooms.

Canopy Bed

If you are looking for cosiness and warmth to creatively define your unique bedroom taste, then you should go in for a canopy bed design. A canopy bed offers privacy and immense comfort, and this bed design is loved for its resplendent design. These four poster beds are typically draped with elegant fabric on all the four sides and come with tassels for giving your bedroom a contemporary look.

Pull-out Sofa Bed

This popular bed design is surely one of the most creative furniture pieces which cleverly balances the comfort, convenience and, of course, the price. If you have a compact bedroom, a pull-out sofa bed is the perfect choice. runwal juhu

Bunk Bed

How can we not mention this immensely popular bed design both for children and young adults? Bunk beds offer spaces for bookshelves, built-in-storage and workstation. This fast moving bed design is available in multiple lively designs and cool colours that will surely bring playful vibes into your kid’s bedroom. Bunk beds are also the ideal way to innovatively create additional space for kids to play to their heart’s content.

Hinged Door Wardrobe

If you’re looking out for a contemporary solution to store all your essentials conveniently in one place, then we strongly recommend a hinged wardrobe, which offers plenty of storage options with its spacious drawers and hanger space. It also has shutters which swing wide open for giving you a clear view of the closet.  Further, it also gives you enough space for your accessories like belts, sling bags, scarves, etc., which you conveniently place on the shutter  hooks placed on the back side.

Free Standing Wardrobe

If you prefer not to go in for big closets, then a free standing wardrobe is the perfect choice for you. In this wardrobe design, you don’t have to compromise on storage space. If your room has a high ceiling, you can easily store items like trolley bags on the space above the roof. These wardrobes are most loved by those who travel or shift frequently due to their work, and it allows you to choose from a variety of colours and contemporary designs.

Sliding Wardrobe

This unique wardrobe design is what you will find in  high-class newly built residential apartments. As the name suggests, the sliding wardrobe features doors that slide from one side to the other on metal tracks. Because of this unique feature, this wardrobe design does not hinder the movement in the room, which is why it is the ideal choice for a confined space.