Sun. May 26th, 2024

A Guide To Using Plant Hire For A Self-Build Project

A self-build project is a fantastic option for those looking to build a home or commercial property where there is a desire for genuine customisation. It can be a stronger ground to work on financially than you might think, and it also helps to provide complete control over the aesthetic of a build, the project deadlines, the style and structure, and all aspects of what could become a dream home or property for the person in question. One way to ensure you have complete control over all aspects of a build is to link up with one of the national plant hire companies that can provide you with the perfect set of machinery and equipment. An extensive plant hire service furnishes you with everything you need for a self-build project, without it costing you the bulk of your budget. 

There are a few different ways in which a plant hire company can help you get your self-build project to run the right way. The first thing that will help is to work alongside them from day one and include a plant hire company in your planning sessions for the up-coming project. This will help to give an overview of what you want and expect, whilst giving the plant hire experts the chance to advise on different types of machinery and delivery dates. 

Once planning is out of the way you need to think about making sure your groundworks are correct. Excavator hire, for both traditional size and mini excavators, will be required at this stage, helping to prepare the ground. The space and surface area will determine the size you need. For the entire process you must also consider the need for transportation of supplies and waste into and off site. Dumper hire will help you with these tasks and provide you with support throughout the project.

To help compact groundworks and to move onto the next phase of construction, roller hire helps immensely. Rollers will set an aligned foundation to prepare for building work, whilst also produce level landscaping, driveways and finishing touches around the property once the construction is complete. Telehandler hire provides you with the tools to lift heavy materials to the specific heights required per task, whilst a range of telehandler attachments enhance the functionality with forklifts, buckets, cabins, and many more attachments available through your plant hire company.

Beyond this there are many different aspects that will be required, including site lighting, site toilets, and security measures. Think about your need for on-site training and inspection of plant hire and speak to your specialists about the different areas they can assist you on your self-build project

Once you have put together a thorough plan of action and have chosen a plant leasing company that matches your needs and budgets, you can get down to business. One of the benefits of working with a plant hire company for a self-build project is that you can work with a point of contact from the very first day of your planning stage through to the result. They can help you plan down to the very minutiae of the project, from set schedules of deliveries to the correct type and model of plant at those crucial moments you need them for.