Sun. May 26th, 2024

A Detailed Introduction To Hand-Tufted Carpets With Their Pros And Cons

Have you ever bought hand-tufted carpet before? If so, you are aware that they come in a huge range of designs, patterns, and styles to choose from. This is the most common type of carpet that is widely used in house interiors. Unlike hand-knotted carpets, hand-tufted carpets have gained a lot of momentum in the affordable design sector because of their simple production.

Before proceeding further, let’s first talk about what exactly hand-tufted carpets are;

Hand-Tufted Carpets

Hand-tufting is relatively a new technique for producing handcrafted carpets. Unlike hand-knotted carpets, they are woven without knots and within a less time period. The carpet fiber is wrapped with the help of a hand tool or a tufted gun once the pattern is stenciled onto a fabric canvas with a marker. The weaver then coats the canvas back with latex adhesive to hold the fibers followed by a secondary coating.

Types Of Hand-Tufted Carpets

Despite their low cost, hand-tufted carpets are still one of the most durable types of carpets. They come in several yarn qualities and sorts.

These types of carpets are often made with organic and inorganic fabrics and threads. Natural yarn versions of hand-tufted carpets are of incredibly high quality. Most of them are made of cotton, nylon, wool, and linen. The sheens on most of the hand-tufted carpets are generally bamboo or silk.

Pricing For Hand-Tufted Carpets

As previously stated, hand-tufted carpets are relatively less costly than hand-knotted carpets. However, the pricing is determined by the quality and kind of yarn used in the production process. A good quality 4’x6′ hand-tufted carpet comes in the price range of $600 – $1200.

Pros Of Hand-Tufted Carpets

There are a lot of benefits to choosing a hand-tufted carpet for your home. Some of them are;

  • Hand-tufted carpets are incredibly durable and resilient.
  • They come in an affordable price range, as stated above.
  • Hand-tufted carpets can withstand heavier foot traffic for many years.
  • These carpets can be designed in any color, design, and style according to your needs and preferences.

Cons of Hand-Tufted Carpets

Just like any product, hand-tufted carpets come with a few disadvantages, too.

  • Bad Odor

Almost all types of hand-tufted carpets have a bad odor to them ranging from moderate to obnoxious. The main source of odor is the latex adhesive used in production. This is the main reason many people don’t prefer hand-tufted carpets for their homes.

  • The Carpet’s Fiber Might Shed

Wool tufted carpets are prone to this. If the poor grade wool is used in the production, the carpet will begin to shed and wear out faster. You won’t have to face these issues with synthetic hand-tufted carpets.

  • Harder To Clean And Maintain

Another drawback to having hand-tufted carpets is they are a bit harder to clean and maintain. So, if you have pets and kids in the house, these carpets are not a smart choice. These carpets cannot be washed completely to remove the stains. Hand-tufted carpets may delaminate if you clean them with too much heat or dampness.