Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

7 Ideas for a 4-Room HDB Interior Design

Are you currently looking for inspiration for an HBD renovation in Singapore? Well, look no further!

We have compiled a collection of 7 beautiful 4-room HDB interior design ideas. Best part? All of them cost less than $40,000 to execute, proving that a well-designed home can still be constructed without breaking the bank.

Idea #1

Although a four-room apartment will be more expensive to remodel than a two- or three-room apartment, you may keep expenses affordable by concentrating on specific areas for expansion. Instead of going all out with elaborate woodwork or ostentatious materials, an uncluttered, relaxing home can seem ‘decorated’ through the use of contrast-creating elements such as black track lighting, painted walls, and wooden finishes.

Idea #2

Here’s a renovation tip: invest in the proper materials and colour design to make your place appear more costly than it is. Despite a simplistic style, the intelligent use of wood textures and neutral colours can produce an expensive appearance.

Idea #3

We’ve said it before and will say it again: unusual or intricate carpentry forms can increase restoration prices due to the sheer amount of labour required to construct them. An exquisite four-room HDB demonstrates that conventional, linear built-ins can look great (not dull) on a restricted budget. Furnished in a palette of mild taupes, greiges, and creams, the result is a place that exudes serious condo vibes.

Idea #4

Wall hacking may entail additional expenses, but they shouldn’t be prohibitive unless you modify your home’s layout. Don’t be hesitant to adopt an open floor layout. By expanding the master bedroom and opening up the kitchen, a sense of spaciousness is created in an otherwise cramped area.

Idea #5

We wouldn’t claim that keeping your HDB tiles would help you save a lot of money (because they’re already paid for), but it will allow you to spend more on other extras! Consider suspended armchairs, a secret gaming area, or a charming eating nook with French-style windows near the kitchen.

Idea #6

There are several methods to create a focal point in your house besides a feature wall or a striking piece of furniture. Our fave, cost-effective option? Paint! It might be as easy as adding a splash of colour to a single wall, a basic graphic mural, or, if you’re artistically inclined, a “chalkboard wall” for detailed hand-drawn artwork to add creative flair.

Idea #7

It is always tempting to desire more in terms of design, but sometimes it is wiser to settle for what is essential (for your wallet). You may do this by eschewing aesthetic embellishments for a functional kitchen, entryway, and bedroom woodwork. The chevron patterns and various types of handles provide visual interest to a scheme of white and wood finishes. Moreover, splashes of colour on the painted walls complete the appearance of a basic, inviting, and unique room.