Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

Here’s Why You Should Invest in a Walk-in Tub

Bathtubs with fitted doors are something most people would be skeptical about. However, once you look up the enormous benefits of a walk-in tub, you will realize how game-changing it can be.

Did you know over 43,000 kids get injured each year after trying to climb over a conventional bathtub? However, this issue can be tackled by installing a walk-in tub where the entry and exit process gets much simpler for people of all ages. With non-slip flooring and handrails, safety is paramount in such tubs.

If such benefits sound interesting, be on the lookout for a walk-in tub in Jeffersonville, IN, online and check the resulting stores.

Here are four reasons why this investment will be one of your best decisions in a while!

Overcoming Limited Mobility

Using regular bathtubs or showers can be challenging for senior citizens or people facing mobility issues. They often rely on family members to lift them into the tub. Needless to explain, it is not a long-term solution.

Walk-in tubs have helped people combat such situations and empowered them to take a bath without needing external help. Given the low-step entry threshold, stepping in and out of these tubs is relatively easy. Unlike conventional tubs, there is minimal risk of slipping or falling here.

Works Well for Showering and Deep Soaking

One of the most notable benefits of a walk-in tub is its ability to work well as a shower as well. Manufacturers in Indiana usually include a showerhead and a faucet set to ensure you can thoroughly wash the body as required.

Also, such tubs are ideal for deep soaking. A standard bathtub only provides 13 to 14 inches of depth in normal conditions. However, with walk-in alternatives, you get around 40 to 48 inches of water. As such, you can easily enjoy the benefits of relaxing sore joints or muscles.

Low-Maintenance and Easy to Install

With innovative technologies, walk-in tubs can easily be installed in your bathroom without requiring many changes. In addition, you can find different types of tubs based on the available space and water connectivity in Indiana.

Additionally, these tubs are made with long-lasting acrylic or other strengthened materials that don’t easily get scratched or dented. You will find that the top layer of a walk-in tub doesn’t get affected by mold or mildew and is easy to clean.

Multiple Features and Health Benefits

Sure, most conventional tubs are upgrading and providing beneficial features these days. But when it comes to walk-in tubs, you will get a complete package that you won’t get otherwise. You can expect anti-scald valves, add-on handrails, non-slip flooring, and other benefits.

Most tubs available in Indiana also provide different therapeutic options to help people feel more relaxed and rejuvenated. With advanced hydrotherapy and whirlpool jets, the heated water helps release endorphins in the body and overcome symptoms of various conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia, etc.

Wrapping Up

After seeing multiple advertisements on television or social media, you might be wondering if walk-in tubs are beneficial or not. Even though you might consider them to be just a fad, the reality is way different.

Walk-in tubs are fitted with a door on the side for accessible entrance and exit. People suffering from mobility disorders can easily use them without needing help from other individuals. Additionally, these tubs provide multiple hydrotherapy advantages owing to deep soaking, buoyancy, and heated water.

As such, you get to feel relief in cramped joints or muscles. You can search for a walk-in tub in Jeffersonville, IN, to avail of such benefits. Check the resulting stores and get ready to enjoy an enhanced bathing experience soon.