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Countertop Types and expenses for your Bathroom or kitchen Remodel

Several kinds of countertops for your bathroom or kitchen remodel.

Selecting countertops is most likely greater items that people choose within the bathroom or kitchen remodel. Since patterns and colors are usually personal taste, we’ve develop this straightforward guide for the industry’s most broadly used selections. There are numerous other type’s of countertops available but please take the time to read reviews on most of them, we come across these items not meet what the manufactor sells them as.

Granite Countertops

Nothing like pure beauty and uniqueness that granite offers. Probably the most used countertop within the united states . states. The choices are endless as just differs and according to the location it’s from may be absolutely stunning. Granite should be sealed as it is porous.

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The item might cost $60-120 per sq. ft.

Wood Countertops

Another natural material that may provide a bath room or kitchen an attractive look. While using forest created for use you’ll have a unlimited amount of options. Finish and care are very important when you purchase a wood countertop but it may be the centerpieces in the room

Prices may differ from $35-$250 per sq. ft.


Stainless has switched right into a constantly growing countertop connected with preference. It does not fit everybody design or style but you’ve got the best touch for that modern industrial look you might be looking for.

Cost range per sq . feet .: $70-$150

Engineered Stone Countertops

Engineered stone is usually 90% Quarta movement and 10% resin. A few in the big brands are Cambria, Ceasarstone, and Silestone. This merchandise is most likely probably the most broadly used countertops being installed today. The very best factor concerning the subject is that they are non-porous which never requires individuals to become sealed. These items haven’t much drawbacks on their own account. We like to these countertops!

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Prices vary from $60-$120 per sq. ft.

Glass Countertops

Glass countertops are stunning in any placed you might imagine. Just about any color, shape, or size may be produced with glass. Glass countertops are strong and very heat resistant but fingerprints and scratches are common, which makes it no ideal countertop for everybody.

Prices vary from $100-$300 per sq. ft.

Remember just as critical as quality products may be the installation. Several of these countertops are speciality products and could be installed by trained professional’s concentrating on this.

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