Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

Cabinetry Options to Make Your Kitchen More Functional

Kitchen cabinets need to be aesthetically pleasing to maintain your home’s overall appeal and value. But they should also be functional enough to fit the needs of your family. The best Armoires En Gros kitchen cabinets will ensure the time you spend in the kitchen is never frustrating and overwhelming. If you are planning to upgrade your kitchen cabinets, the following are ways you can add to the kitchen’s functionality:

Using Cabinet Roll-Out Trays

Do you consider finding a pot around the bottom cabinet a tedious task? Or do you have difficulty keeping your lower cabinets organised, so you can easily find any items you need? If you answer yes to these questions, you may be able to benefit from roll-out trays. These trays are attached to the lower cabinets’ inside. As the trays roll out, you do not need to keep looking around the cabinets to find any item you need. 

Installing Lazy Susan

Installing cabinets in corners along with shelving all the way back allows you to maximise the usability of your kitchen space. Although such deep cabinets optimise the space you have in your kitchen, it makes it hard to reach for items at the far back. You can make this easier by adding a Lazy Suan into your corner cabinets. This device spins in your cabinet, so items are brought to the front.

Utilising Tip-Out Trays

If you do not know what to do with your sponges and dish rags when not in use, a tip-out tray can house them. This tray is placed under the sink area that tips out to hold the dish rags and sponges when you need them. With it, the sponges are kept out of sight when not in use.

Installing a Pull-Out Trash Unit

A pull-out trash unit is a great addition to your cabinetry. Ideally, you must include two or more trash units for regular trash and recycling. The majority of double units take up just 18 inches of space and are made with a soft-close mechanism. A lot of units are short enough to fit into base cabinets that have top drawers. With these units, you no longer have to get your trash behind a door.

To make your kitchen functional, you must consider your needs and the needs of your kitchen as well as what works best for your family. This way, spending time in your kitchen is always enjoyable.